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Why Islam Is More Destructive and Oppressive Than Other Monotheistic Religions.

By now, most of us are well aware of the dangers Islamic extremism imposes on the world. From human rights issues to technological developments, from suicide bombings to FGM, the evidence is overwhelming and the stats are abundantly clear; Islam is not a productive or healthy ideology to hold, and it is certainly not a religion of peace by any stretch of the imagination.

But why is it that Islam seems to be so destructive and violent in nature compared to the other major monotheistic religions? What’s causing Muslims to commit such horrendous acts in areas such as North Africa and regions like the Middle East?
The typical way most individuals go about executing an intellectual attack on this religious cult-like ideology, is to target specific verses and teachings on the Quran itself, with the goal being to reveal the evils hidden within the Islamic Bible. Although this an effective strategy to expose the very extreme teachings and violent commandments based at the root of Islam itself, this method alone does little to isolate and define Islam as a particularly dangerous and repugnant religion from the rest.
Allow me to explain…

If one begins to study Leviticus, he will quickly learn that fundamental Judaism has nearly just as many nasty things to teach about gays and the treatment of women as Islam does.

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them”,
-chapter 20 verse 18.

“And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy estimation shall be fifty shekels of silver, after the shekel of the sanctuary. And if it be a female, then thy estimation shall be thirty shekels.”
-Chapter 27, verse 3-7.

Similarly, if one does his research on Corinthians, he will soon learn that Christianity is not too far away either in these regards.

“Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”
-Corinthians 6:9-10

Although I will totally admit that Christianity – when interpreted and compared on a fundamental level – is more peaceful than either Islam of Judaism, nevertheless, it’s easy to see how Muslims would have the luxury of referencing similarly offensive and oppressive verses written in The Bible and New Testament – highlighting the double standards and suggesting that if we’re going to focus on religious text, we should all be equally opposed to other religions as well. Thus we understand that relying on scripture alone as an intellectual weapon can present a major problem for those seeking to dismantle the validity of the claim that Islam is a religion of peace while simultaneously managing the additional task of maintaining the position that Christianity and Judaism are explicitly and fundamentally different in those aspects from Islam.

So… if it’s not entirely due the difference in religious text, why is Islam such a dangerous and seemingly backwards religion in comparison to others? Why are Muslims the only group of people forming terrorist organizations, targeting gays, oppressing women, and intentionally mass murdering innocent civilians around the world?
In truth, the answer at face value is pretty simple; Islam has never evolved and it’s still very much trapped in the medieval ages.

The vast majority of Muslims are devout and take their religion very seriously – attending Mosques and praying 5 times daily. Most Imams and Islamic preachers interpret the Quran in a fundamental way that tends to lend itself to extremism and radicalism, which ultimately results in oppression and violence towards women gays and/or non-believers of the faith. How nice…
This is in stark contrast to the typical Christian who may very well never even go to church and rarely prays or reads the bible. The Christian faith is not nearly as strict or demanding as it once was, and Christians nowadays are mostly moderates in comparison to the devoted fundamentalist and fanatics we see more common within Islamic factions. Modern Christians and Jews do not harbour the same extreme and fundamental interpretations of their respective religious text, and thus do not administer extreme religious rule and order onto their people. Muslim fundamentalists however, will often enforce barbaric actions such as FGM practices on Muslim women when given political or physical power to do so.
“Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.”
-Islamic Hadith

Verses like: “Fight them until there is no disorder, and obedience remains for Allah.” makes it easy to understand how Muslims would instruct their people to war against the West. One could easily justify to himself or to his people that Muslims are engaged in an ongoing holy war against the West who they believe are the aggressors. Most Muslims interpret and obey the Quran in a fundamental and literal way, and intern fail to evolve as a society, forever enslaved to a dated and flawed book of contradictions and flawed reasoning that forever leads them down a path of death and destruction.

Here’s an interesting fact: Many Muslim men will not shake the hands of a woman. This is precisely because they are still stuck in the past and hold dated views towards females, believing women should not be treated in the same manner that men are to be treated. A Muslim man will bow, similarly to how Christians would kiss a woman on the hand, but he will not shake her hand. So refusing to shake the hand of woman is not entirely out of disrespect, because I mean even just as little as around 200 years ago Christian men would rarely shake a woman’s hand, nor would Jews, and it wasn’t out of intentional disrespect. It was considered improper for men to shake the hands of a woman, and women didn’t mind or perceive it as being rude behaviour in any way. However, we have since evolved and have modified treatment towards women, placing women on equal grounds with the men, and I’m sure you would agree, women are that much more empowered and equal to men because of it.

One final thing to note while we’re on the topic of women and societal norms, is that not too long ago, woman were shamed and forbidden to wear men’s clothing and/or for conducting themselves in a masculine manner in Christian societies, something by today’s Christian standards would be considered completely acceptable and no one would think twice about it. The West has evolved from taking certain religious script literally, embracing women as equals and we’re better off having done so! Conversely, Islam still maintains the old view that women are to be treated differently than men, and this manifests itself in many ways throughout the Islamic world.

The reason why Muslim ruled Nations to this day continue to stone women, murder gays, and perform many other senseless acts of religiously fuelled hate is because they are living like the way we did a thousand years ago! The only difference is they have smart phones and internet now! There’s been little attempt from imams or Islamic scholars to evolve their interpretation of the Quran, unlike Christians and Jews who have done so with their respective faiths, but Muslim continue to live and behave like they’re in the medieval ages, showing little attempt if any, to modernize their religious practices and cultural norms in a manner that could enable Islam to become compatible with Western society.

Islamic dominated nations are never completely secular, and they are always heavily influenced by religious fundamentalism at their core. This is quite clear when researching the facts on Middle Eastern and North African nations that are under the influence of Islamic regimes.
Islamic nations have been in a constant state of war and upheaval, making it difficult for them to properly govern or build the infrastructure needed to produce a society that would resemble anything like our own. This is not to excuse their lack of advancement, but it gives you some insight as to how they are in a perpetual state of evolutionary stagnation. A combination of fundamental interpretations of the Quran and Hadith mixed with constant political turmoil for hundreds of years has rendered Islam incapable of advancing forward on a social level.

If all major monotheistic religions followed their religious scripture to a fundamental level, we would all still be stuck in the Middle Ages. But thank God for Christians, Jews, and Westerners alike, that Christianity and Judaism have continued to evolve and adapt to societal revelations and ongoing scientific discoveries, to help provide us with a better quality of life and more enjoyable existence for all.

It’s a well established fact that Christian-Judaeo nations do not support the murdering of gays, or view women as subordinates the way they once did centuries ago, but the same can’t be said for Muslim nations. Due to Islam being so ferociously protected, and fanatically nurtured as an extreme ideology by Muslims for so many centuries now, Islam remains frozen in time and stuck in the past as the rest of the world evolves around it. Unfortunately for gays woman and non-believers, that’s not a good thing!

Is the Quran or Hadith a greater danger to the world than The Old or New Testament? Obviously! That’s a hands down yes, but is the Quran itself the sole cause, or even the major reason for why Muslim nations are so backwards in comparison to their Western counter parts? Not entirely. Not in my opinion. Although the Quran can be blamed for a portion the un-ignorable difference between the major religions, its slightly more complex then simply blaming words written in an ancient book; it has a lot more to do with culture, war and politics, than it does being directly caused by the religious scripture itself.

It’s our obligation as proud Patriots of the West to protect our beautiful and productive way of life, and it’s our duty to oppose any and all forces that directly threatens our cultural integrity and compromises our quality of life. This includes the promotion and application of proper intellectual vigilance against rapidly growing ideologies that are incompatible with Western Civilization.

If there’s any chance for Islam to become conducive to modern societies and compatible with Western culture, it must reform, and it must modernize like Christianity and Judaism has. Moreover, moderate Muslims must do their part tin applying pressure to other Muslims in their community to become moderates themselves. Change must come from within the religion.

Perhaps its wishful thinking to believe Islam can ever mature or develop, and maybe there is no way to reform such a dangerous religion that has remained unchanged and violent for so long, seeming only to be getting worse and worse as time goes on… but if there is any hope for Islam, it will come as a result of muslims putting in significant effort of their own to evolve the religion, and become moderates. Until then, we must stay intellectual sharp and we have to stay politically vigilant.

God Bless The West!



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