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What Donald Trump Means For Conservatism In Canada And The West.

It’s become quite evident and very clear that Donald Trump’s polarizing and emotionally driven campaign to wake up the silent majority in America that led to the stunning victory over Crooked Hilary (God I miss saying that name), has given Canadians and
many Conservatives throughout the West, a rejuvenated sense of hope and enthusiasm for Nationalism and conservative values. A new opportunity to combat the Left and the Islamo-Marxist agenda that threatens to cripple and overthrow our Western democracies has finally come within grasp!


Since the day Donald Trump emerged out of the republican primaries as victorious, Canada has witnessed dozens of grass-roots activist organizations developing and growing rapidly everyday in support of Western Nationalism and Conservative values all around. Incorporating the spirit of Trump’s passionate campaign bravado into our own political movements has created a surge of optimism and confidence needed to bring patriots out of the shadows and into the open to voice their political views.

With many patriots in the movement now dawning MAGA and MCGA hats (Make Canada Great Again) and openly supporting the American president to the south, it’s easy to see the impact Donald Trump has had on America’s neighbour to the North, and it’s difficult to imagine where we all would be without the hope that a Donald Trump Presidency provides us with…

Over the past decade or so, the majority of Conservatives have grown increasingly frustrated with the current PC culture that dominates and often controls our social structures, and we’re pissed off at the globalists who seek to destroy our sovereignty by flooding the borders, raising taxes, increasing governments spending, adding more government regulations, and outsourcing jobs to places like china and Mexico. Enough is enough, the pengalum has swung too far!

But where have our right-wing leaders been hiding? Why has nobody risen up to champion a mainstream political resistance to oppose this left-wing assault on society? Who the hell cut the balls off of conservatism? Oh right, I forgot about fake news and SJW virtue signalling…


Sadly, over the last decade, Conservative leaders have been abandoning socially conservative platforms due to being labeled “extreme right” by the mainstream media and fearing dissension from centrist voters, and this has left many Canadians on the right feeling forgotten and disenfranchised. The numerous activist groups we see popping up all across Western Nations can be attributed to the life breathed into Nationalism by Donald Trump and his no bull-shit approach to politics. For the majority of Western nations who lack real leadership, patriots turn to The Donald for inspiration to unite against the Left!


Yup We’ve been teased by some close calls with Marine Le Pen of France and Geert Wilders of The Netherlands coming just shy of capturing national election wins in their respective countries this past year, but so far no one has been able do duplicate what Trump has done in America, and so far President Trump is still the only winner we have to cheer for in the West. In many ways, the future of Nationalism rests on President Trumps shoulders…


He may not be perfect, but he’s one hell of a patriot whose inspired millions across the world to take a stand against Islam the establishment and globalists. So I think it’s time the “Never Trumpers” on the right, (however many of them still exist) realize that only Trump could have rallied up an international right-wing movement to the degree that we’re currently experiencing… (ya I’m looking at you Ben Shapiro 😉


Although we must continue to fight the good fight no matter what happens, it’s important to support the man that gave us a chance to come together to have a fighting chance against the extreme liberalism and foreign take over of the West.

Only Trump could serve as such a powerful symbol of hope for those who felt the war was all but lost to the the globalists…

Only Trump could wake up the silent majority to get out and vote…

But only WE can make the West… Great Again!


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