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Fantastic Protest Against Trudeau And The Khadr Settlement In Hamilton!

On Saturday July 29th, dozens of patriots across Southern Ontario gathered at City Hall in Hamilton to protest against Justin Trudeau and the $10.5 million given to Omar Khadr, the former terrorist who admitted to throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier in Afghanistan.

The protest was organized by the Canadian Combat Coalition, but was promoted and supported by many other patriot activist groups including Soldiers of Odin, Sons of Odin, 3%ers, Canadian Coalition for Concerned Citizens, Suffragettes and the Jewish Defense League. Approximately 75-100 people were on scene to take part in the protest.

Canadian Combat Coalitionย 


Soldiers of Odinย 

Sons of Odin(Photos by Ronny Cameron)

When I arrived to the Hall in Hamilton, alongside National VP of Canadian Combat Coalition Dan Dubois, the familiar chants of “Nazi scum off our streets” could be heard loud and clear from the parking lot, for Antifa was already there waiting to “not debate us”…
But yet again, Antifa’s numbers were small, and their morale seemed depleted! Around 25 Antifa stood there in the hot sun, faces sweating from being covered, skin burning from being exposed to the sun for the first time since they last exited their homws to protest, and most importantly- outnumbered 3-1 by a passionate crowd of flag waving Canadians!

Antifa refusing to face me.ย 

Heated words were exchanged and insults were hurled by both sides, but the security present at the protest did a phenomenal job of making sure there were no fights or wrestling matches between Antifa and the our activists members. Although a very small pushing skirmish did break out amongst a few people, no fists were thrown and there were zero injuries, and the matter was quickly handled by security. So a big THANK YOU to all security members for everything you do, we couldn’t organize these things without you!

Speeches were presented by George Hallak, Lynn Redden, Mike Wayne and myself, to a pumped up crowd who was thrilled to help give Hamilton its first major anti-Trudeau protest since M-103!

We sang O Canada, we educated the Left on the history of Islam, and we reminded our fellow patriots what it means to be Canadian! And naturally, we directed our troops to chant “commie scum – off our streets”, to which the crowd of proud patriots responded with great enthusiasm!

*George Hallak of CCCC

And of course, I had to bust out my camera and my trusty selfie-stick to confront and expose Antifa for the ignorant destructive idiots they are, leaving them speechless and looking like the ignorant group of watered down terrorist misfits they represent so consistently. Within a relatively short period of time though, Antifa departed – running back home to their parents basements with their tails between their legs in shame. God I love my job!


An interesting demonstration was put on by Lynn Redden of the Suffragettes, to remind us all that we are being silenced by M-103 and the Trudeau Governemnt, and to say “to hell with the quell!”, as seen below.

Overall, the protest was a huge success, and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow patriots for coming out showing the left what being a proud Canadian is all about! Great job and congratulations to all who took part!

We’re all in this fight together, and it’s a beautiful sight to see Patriots coming together in this capacity to rally for true Canadian values and to stand up against the corrupt Liberal Government that is destroying this beautiful country we all love so very much.

Keep up the good work everyone, thank you for reading, and fight the good fight!


20 thoughts on “Fantastic Protest Against Trudeau And The Khadr Settlement In Hamilton!

  1. Wish I could have been there. All who showed up on that Saturday are
    true Canadians. Sorry Ronny for not being there

  2. Female Genital Muliation is barbaric and all out murder. And it’s time for the
    liberal party to stand up and be CANADIANS for CANADIANS.

  3. Email or visit the office of your Mp and get them to publicly state their position on the Khadr payout. Record the conversation or film for you tube. Post away . Back them into a corner with their response prior too the next election.

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