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Jewish Defence League Protests Khadr Settlement At Fundraiser For Trudeau.


On July 20th, members of the Jewish Defence League, and other proud patriots, headed by veteran political activist and Canadian patriot Meir Weinstein, gathered together to display their disgust towards Justin Trudeauand his Liberal Government over the $10.5 million payout to the former terrorist and Guantanamo Bay detainee, Omar Khadr, at a dinner fundraising event in Mississauga, just outside of Toronto.

A recent poll revealed that 71% of Canadians disagree with the decision to pay Khadr so many Canadian dollars, including 60% of liberals, causingΒ many people across the nation to begin expressing outrage over the enormous sum of money given to the former terrorist in the form of protesting. But for this particular protest, the JDL wanted to confront Mr. Trudeau about the issue directly…

In a peaceful yet strong demeanour, an attitude that the JDL seems to be perfecting quite well, members held signs and chanted growingly familiar phrases such as “Tru-deau / must go” among many others.

Reports indicate that an irritated Trudeau was annoyed and embarrassed by the crowds presences, electing to enter the venue from the rear entrance, avoiding protesters and media sources in the process all together. Typitcal behaviour from our cowardly “leader”.… What, can’t face the heat Justin? Can’t handle addressing Canadians who actually have the energy and the passion to come out and confront you over your incompetence and disregard for Canadians and our country well being?

In any case, media coverage included City TV, Rebel Media and a few other mainstream and alternative news sources. I actually caught some coverage of the protest on CP24 at home, which was very cool! Made me proud to see my patriot friends getting the visibility we deserve and so very much need. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ’ͺ


-Rebel Media interviewing the JDL

Close friend and proud patriot Steven Alexander Myatt, posted a live video on Facebook and has so far the live feed has been shared almost 2 thousand times and has received over a hundred thousand views and counting!

IMG_6211.PNGVideo by Steven A. Myatt

I contacted Meir Weinstein, head of the JDL Canada, and he had this to tell me:

“The protest was a major success. We were pleased to have at least 75 people in attendance. The JDL is determined to continue to monitor Liberal Party events for future protests.”


-Meir Weinstien of the Canadian Jewish Defence League.

So Mr. Trudeau, it’s obvious you’ve pissed off a shit load of people with your complete disregard for Canadians and your nack for paying out terrorists and foreign interests over your own people, so don’t be surprised that you have more than a few sets of eyes on you now!


One thought on “Jewish Defence League Protests Khadr Settlement At Fundraiser For Trudeau.

  1. Judas Turdette should be charged with accessory to murder wait the terrorists that beheaded two Christian Canadians in Philippines because Judas said>”I don’t deal with terrorists!” Then in one fell swoop and one huge scoop of 10.5million dollars tried to “sneak in” the payment without opposition knowing. Got caught Terrorist got the money and Turdette tried explaining the egg on his face. Now he’s about to let known terrorists/killers/criminals into this country from raping and pillaging, child abuse, woman abuse with barbaric killings while with Isis now this POS of a PM wants t aid and abet them. There is still laws in this country that need following and obeyed and Mr. Trudeau you are breaking them and need to be charged. I’m going to try get thud done because the safety Minister Ralph Goodale won’t!!!

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