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Five Ways Conservative Women Are Better!

IMG_6060Hair pulling, spanking, choking, and of course dirty talk, are always acceptable when it comes to sleeping with a chic on the right, I’m just putting that out there right now!

5. She’s a Freak in Bed 😉

You see, conservative women don’t play victim to the “male patriarch”, so she’s not afraid to be dominated. In fact, she loves it! It makes her go WILD to know that she’s in the hands of a strong alpha whose taking charge and is gunna’ give her the ride of her life!

She’s not interested in preserving some deluded image of herself being degraded by male sexuality, she feels empowered and hot as hell to know that she is everything her amazing man naturally wants her to be! And so you better be ready to bring your “A” game boys!

4. Woman On The Right are Hotter!


Conservative women in general just seem to be better put together and better maintained than liberal girls. You see, Conservative women don’t feel the need to chop of their hair, get piercings all over their face and implement all the bright colours of the rainbow into a single outfit in order to resist the “male patriarchy”.


Instead, Conservative women would rather look attractive and respectable, projecting the typical female features that an alpha male might potentially be interested in. Fitness health and beauty are of top priority, and that’s a good thing for us men! Thank you ladies for staying classy and looking sexy!


3. She Wants A Real Man!


The last thing a conservative woman wants to have in her life is a pussy bata male who doesn’t know how to be a real man to his woman. She wants a strong person in her life who can take care of himself both emotionally and physically, and she needs that alpha character who can take charge when the timings right ;).

A woman who holds conservative values isn’t going to be resentful of that fact that she’s smaller and weaker than you- it actually makes her feel safe to have a big strong man around to protect her. She’s not in denial about the evolutionary reasons for why you being bigger and stronger are beneficial to her, and she will definitely praise you for being the solid hunk of man
meat that you are ;). You won’t ever fear being made to feel bad about you natural desire to be alpha as fuck when dating a conservative woman!

2. She Has a Life Outside of You.


Conservative women tend to do things like, you know, go to work, drive their OWN car, read books, go shopping, and the enjoy having their OWN social lives- they basically got their shit together u know? So that means YOU get to enjoy more free time having fun playing video games, watching sports, or just hanging out with your buddies- all while she’s off doing her own thing!


Who wants an unemployed girlfriend who won’t ever leave you alone and can’t stop talking about how “society” keeps holding her back from achieving her dreams? Who needs a chic who constantly needs to borrow cash to pay for all her vegan GMO-free grocery expenses and Buzz-feed subscriptions? You need your Own cash and your OWN space, not a another imposed SAFE space and a child to have to baby-sit. It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to relationships, and you want to make sure you’re truly enjoying the time you spend together with each other.

So play it smart guys, and get yourself a Conservative girl ;).

1- No “Political Correctness” With These Girls!

Perhaps the best reason to date a conservative chic, is to avoid the headache that comes along with dating a liberal!

Who wants to listen to “bla bla bla I hate men this” and “bla bla bla open boarders that”…. Like shut the hell up woman and make a bloody sandwich already! Lol.


But in all seriousness ladies and gentlemen, having to keep your thoughts all tucked away deep inside about issues like the pay gap myth and Trump being awesome, while holding your breath about things like abortion issues and Global Warming…. that’s enough to make a guy go fucking nuts!!!


I honestly don’t know what I would do if I had to put up with some safe-space loving maniac who doesn’t understand that virtually the entire world she lives in was built by men, bitching at me about how oppressed she is and that I can’t understand because I’m a privileged male. No one wants to hear that kinda garbage day in and day out, and I thank bloody Christ that conservative chics still exist out there so that us men aren’t forced to deal with the infernal squawking of annoying liberal dribble.

So thank you conservative women for being smart, staying strong, and for looking so damn beautiful ;). You make the West Great, and we love you!


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