Rally In Toronto For The “Halifax Five” A Big Success!


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Toronto, patriots of all colours and ages gathered for the Students in Support of Free Speech rally at Queens Park, to protest the unfair treatment of the Halifax Five; a group of Proud Boys who gained significant attention and public notariety for confronting a Native Canadian demonstration in Halifax, and have thus far been demonized by the media, and are currently under investigation by the Canadian Military.

The Police like usual, gathered around the location as the rally officially began at about 2:00pm. In total approximately 80 Patriots showed up to Queens Park to support the Proud Boys and the Halifax Five, which is not a bad turn out considering the organizers had only about 10 days to plan, prepare, and promote the event, and so far everything was coming together nicely, despite the limited time.

A variety of speakers, including myself, presented short yet poignant speeches that touched on a multitude of related issues ranging from the details about the incident itself, to bias in mainstream media, to the stupidity of antifa, all delivered to a tentative crowd of proud patriots!



Shortly after the speakers had finished giving their presentations, Antifa Toronto finally arrived on scene to demand the removal of the phantom “nazis” and imaginary “bigots” they seem to believe are hiding amongst us. I say phantom and imaginary because those things simply just don’t exist in our protest groups. Antifa are like a fanatical group of ghost trackers desperately trying to find evidence to prove their ridiculous theories to showcase to their deluded audience of losers. But like always, they were unsuccessful ;). And we weren’t gunna take any of their garbage accusations or annoying chants this time around! We fought back with logic, we fought back with reason, and we fought with pride boys and girls! (See video below)

It was amusing to see Antifa arrive in such small numbers, looking more pathetic and demoralized than ever! It brings joy to my patriotic heart to see them squirm and struggle in an effort to make sense of our dominating presence, as they scramble to formulate anything even remotely close to something resembling that of an intelligent argument to support their bogus claims.
Goddamn I love to hate Antifa… lol

However, near the end of the protest, Antifa did manage to execute a feeble attempt to “capture” our claimed and permitted protest area…


But their efforts were quickly revealed to be futile, and they were promptly removed from our spot, stepping away with their heads hung low… 🇨🇦💪


Overall, it was a great day and a successful protest, and I think the SSFS did an amazing job at organizing an enjoyable and safe event for us all to attend!
So to all those who came out to support the HAL5, SSFS, and the Proud Boys, here’s a big POYB to you!

July 15, 2017.


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