One thought on “Is Islam Truly a Religion of Peace?

  1. ISLAM is not a religion of Peace, it never has been. It is POLITICAL/SOCIOLOGICAL/ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY wrapped in a Religion. An ideology that permeates and dictates every aspect of its followers lives. The definition of the word ISLAM means to Submit and MUSLIMS take this quiet Literally, with its teachings demanding that MUSLIMS Submit to the will of ISLAM and that all Non-MUSLIMS either submit (Convert) to ISLAM or be killed.

    ISLAM is first and foremost an Ideology of Conquest, either by the word or by the sword and has been since its inception 1400 years ago, this alone makes it Incompatible with all Free Democratic Societies.

    To Understand ISLAM People must realize a few things:

    1. There is no such thing as Radical Violent ISLAM.

    2. There is no such thing a Peaceful Moderate ISLAM.

    There is simply ISLAM.

    There is No Such Thing as a Peaceful MUSLIM. The so-called Peaceful Moderate MUSLIMS have the same beliefs, values and Social/Political Objectives that the Radical Violent MUSLIMS Have.

    These so-called Moderates are the ones providing Political/Logistical/Financial and Moral Support to the violent Radicals. They are fighting the same Fight with the same goals as the Radicals. They are simply using Lawyers, Politicians and the Media instead of Weapons and Suicide Bombers.

    They will continue to conduct their campaign of SUBVERSION until such time that they feel safe enough to join their Brothers in Violent JIHAD.

    Their shared objectives however remain the same, the establishment of an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE, the Establishment and enforcement of Sharia Law over the World and the eventual destruction and genocide of all NON-MUSLIMS.

    Then why are the LIBERALS selling out Canada to the MUSLIMS?

    Here is a good explanation to the Question. “Then Why Do LIBERALS support ISLAM”.
    Please refer to the Link Below


    The LIBERALS wish to Destroy Western Civilization, so that they may create their Socialist Utopia (One World Government Under their control).

    MUSLIMS wish to Destroy Western Civilization, so that they may create their ISLAMIC Caliphate and enslave the world under Sharia Law.

    To Understand MUSLIMS and ISLAM and what we in the west are currently facing and why these EXTREMISTS ARE DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Please watch this video; Linked Below. (Robert Spencer: The Politically Incorrect Guide to ISLAM and the CRUSADES). This will give you an understanding of our enemy. (It is 45 min in length, but is worth watching). It will also help you understand why ISLAM and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD are the greatest threats we face in the World Today.

    For details about the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and their operations in Canada, please refer to the Link Below:

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