Who Am I and How Did I Get Here?

I began me journey into activism only a short while ago in February of this year, just as free speech restricting M-103 had evolved into a big conversation point in Canada and shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States. Since then time slowed down tremendously and condensed steadily around me as I delved further into what would eventually turn out to be a fresh new career in political activism and social commentary.

Considering myself to be a “far right-winger” by today’s standards, I honestly never thought true Nationalism or Conservatism had any chance of thriving in a Liberally dominated global word like the one we see before us today, so I mostly kept to myself, discussing my political views with only a few friends and Facebook buddies.

Although I developed a strong interest for politics and philosophy long before the emergence of Donald Trump into the political arena, it was him and his message of national pride that gave me the inspiration to take a stand for Western culture and Conservative values here in Canada. I decided to dedicate my personal Facebook profile to a political cause, posting daily content that quickly garnered significant attention from fellow patriots across Canada that provided me with the encouragement needed to take my political aspirations to the next level; Videos! So I opted to test my abilities by creating short videos at home and recording Antifa and SJW’S at the m-103 protests I was attending here in my home town of Toronto.

My previous career plan was to spread “the truth” through music, as I played in Metal bands throughout my 20’s trying to make it big in hopes of one day changing the world. (Cute eh? I know. Lol.) Well, little did I know the music industry would eventually crumble financially and become castrated in respect to political expression, so exiting the music industry for a more immediate and effective way onto a social commentary platform made all the sense in the world and was an easy decision for me to make.

I still love music and I miss playing, but the west needs more than music right now- it needs to be woken up to the crazy liberal bs and Islamic influence  that’s growing rapidly every day all around us as we sit around watching football and drinking beer. So I’m happy to be where I am now handing out red pills wherever I can, and I’m looking forward to continuing my work and improving the overall quality of my content as I progress further down this path.

All in all, I work my ass off to produce entertaining content that puts viewers right in the middle of the action where other media sources can’t or won’t go, and I am not afraid of a confrontation or a little danger either. That’s why people follow me. Covering issues like the Islamic influence in the West, free-speech infringing legislation like m-103 and b-c16, sexual identity debates and the idiocy of antifa, as well as attending major events and protests across the GTA, within just 4 months my FB videos have totalled over 1 million views and my following is growing larger everyday!

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