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Fantastic Protest Against Trudeau And The Khadr Settlement In Hamilton!

On Saturday July 29th, dozens of patriots across Southern Ontario gathered at City Hall in Hamilton to protest against Justin Trudeau and the $10.5 million given to Omar Khadr, the former terrorist who admitted to throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier in Afghanistan.
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Hate Crime Misconceptions (RonCam Video)

I recently came across a Toronto police report that detailed hate crime statistics in the city, and I was shocked to find out what minority group was being victimized the most!

So I decided to take to the streets with my trusty selfie stick, to find out what the average persons thoughts were on hate crime, and to see if I could educate citizens on what the facts truly are…

Watch this video that adds a comedic splash to a very serious topic, to find out who is being targeted the most, and what the average persons preconceived notions are on hate crime!